As founder and CEO, Jaison Paul leads company with a laser focus on excellence. He has started his career since 1996 after scored the IATA-UFTAA standard Course, to get more exposure in the Travel industry moved to Mumbai city works with M/s. Suryoday Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd as a Travel Counter Supervisor and further started own company at July 15, 2000 Euro Air Voyages & Tours Pvt. Ltd. Our company keen attention on pilgrim tours, where operated 87 groups to Israel and 39 groups to Europe. Moreover conducted several tours to China, Russia, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We are getting more and more business not by any advertisement, through our traveled customers recommend others to travel with us, if we have any tour for any destinations, our customers are trusted and confident that Jaison’s tours will be excellent. Our core strength is our well trained qualified and experienced team efficient to meet the complexities of the travel and tour services and managements. Our strong mission to offer quality and standard services to our customers fulfilled by our team has earned a niche brand name for our and services.

By considering his proficiency, he was honored the Vice President, of IATA Agents Association of India, for the period of 2010-2013 Our goal—and greatest pleasure—is to create personalized destination experiences that speak specifically to our clients’ goals and corporate cultures, and make them heroes with their organizations.